Entropic Systems of Metatronic Code

The Metatronic code is based on two spheres of Bi-Wave Influences of the Vesica Pisces instead of the eternal life three spheres, or Trinity Wave.

Fallen Consciousness, such as the Fallen Angelics and Imposter Spirits, are due to Metatronic Code configuration in the planet and is the result of excessive misuse of free will choice that opposes the divine plan and intention of God Source. In the cycles of evolution, the opposing expression reaches the point at which it jeopardizes the Eternal Life expression and continued existence of the Cosmic Order.
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Zero Point Field

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Zero Point God Matrix Field, the source of our genesis. The central point of union within our Universe projects itself through the Threefold Founder Flame Fields of the 13D-14D-15D Rays (Mother Arc, Father Arc, Christed Child) to create the prism of multidimensional life throughout the Universal time and space fields. The source of the Zero Point field is the infinite energy supply of our God Creator that is contained within All things.
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Timelines Shift

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We are nearing a time of more visible and tangible changes for the planet and for the collective consciousness of humanity.  For those of us who are able to participate consciously in this process, these changes are very encouraging, even as the workload feels like it is increasing. For those who are not able to consciously participate, they will be participating none-the-less.
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System Override


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SO MUCH OF WHAT WE EXPERIENCE right now in our shifting reality system has a real relevance to computer technology and its related jargon. The verbal language that best expresses what is transpiring now in human evolution can now be found within our current understanding of computing. It has been a clear pattern to observe that humanity is consistently being acclimated into co-existing with more and more advanced technologies and becoming an increasingly computerized society. This increased use of technology as commonplace in our day to day lives is a part of the Ascension plan.
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Artificially Bent Light – Uměle „ohnuté“ světlo

8/2011 – 6/2015

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Through eons of time our Universe has been founded upon One Eternal Source whom divided itself into multiple expressions of form at many lower and higher dimensional levels. These are projections of consciousness made in the sacred geometry of the Pairs of Opposite. The Principle of Gender and the quantum physics governing consciousness units have followed Universal Laws governing these creations which influence their perception of evolution as moving throughout the fabric of time and space.
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